KEYNOTE Speaking

A committed sustainability expert and impact entrepreneur, Carrie Norton brings her knowledge to global audiences through keynote speaking, workshops and more.

Sustainability has never been more crucial to our business landscape. Carrie’s programs combine her entrepreneurial experiences with industry insights to deliver customized programs that inform, engage and transforms diverse audiences.

A versatile speaker, Carrie also leads immersive and experiential workshops with her team, delivers custom academic lectures, and brings a unique perspective to panel discussions.

Her most-requested keynote topics include:

  • Sustained Innovation: Marrying Sustainability and Innovation to Drive Top-Line Growth

  • The Future of Impact Entrepreneurship and Investment: Looking Beyond Silicon Valley

  • Cleantech Innovation and Shaping the Livable Cities of the Future

  • The Women’s Leadership Opportunity: Reframing Entrepreneurship Through a Gender Lens

  • Achieving a Just, Sustainable Economy: Redesigning Finance, Accounting and Financial Incentives and Systems


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