Entrepreneurs face complex challenges that can hinder their progress both professionally and personally. Stress, loneliness and feelings of failure are common side-effects of the overwhelming entrepreneurial journey. Yet far too often, leaders lack a judgment-free, confidential environment to work through these roadblocks. Carrie’s coaching is designed to give clients a safe, trusting space to explore and overcome their unique challenges.

Executive coaching isn’t merely an investment in your professional growth; it’s a powerful investment in your business’ future. Through the coaching experience, Carrie’s clients become powerful problem-solvers, skilled communicators, and mindful leaders who make a lasting impact on the sustainable business landscape.

Carrie’s Coaching Philosophy

Solutions prescribed by others can help you make gains in the short-term. However, lasting progress only comes when you can uncover these solutions for yourself. Drawing from this philosophy, Carrie helps entrepreneurs cultivate their innate problem-solving skills in an environment that’s compassionate, empathetic, honest and direct.

Unlike many executive coaches, Carrie is a practicing entrepreneur with a deep understanding of her clients’ challenges. She draws from her entrepreneurial background, the Laser Coaching methodology, and mindfulness and meditation training to help clients optimize their success.

Each session and coaching relationships is unique, but Carrie specializes in working with:

  • First-time entrepreneurs who use coaching to help them adjust to the unique dynamics of entrepreneurship

  • Executives who have made the transition to sustainable entrepreneurship, and want to hone their adaptability and other entrepreneurial skills

  • Entrepreneurs who are making a pivot to a sustainable business and need a trusting, direct environment for working through ideas and roadblocks

  • Individuals who are passionate about making the world a better place, but need to build confidence as entrepreneurs

  • Inventors who are ready to shift perspectives and cultivate their leadership qualities

  • Angel and venture investors who want to ensure their portfolio businesses have access to coaching services that help them optimize their leadership skills

What to expect from your coaching relationship

  • Weekly or twice-monthly sessions

  • A confidential conversation where you can explore ideas, challenges and goals

  • A compassionate, empathetic, direct and honest approach

  • Goal setting, and a clear process for helping you develop your problem-solving skills

Carrie is certified in Laser Coaching and Shamatha Meditation instruction.