With the holidays right around the corner and 2018 business planning underway, it’s easy to push “non essentials” to the back-burner. But in a business landscape that’s more competitive than ever before, true impact leaders invest in themselves so that they can bring those benefits back to their team, partners and the world.

Building your resilience muscle today is simply the best way to enter the New Year. And for that, there’s no better tool than executive coaching.

Benefits of coaching

The Harvard Business Review describes three phases of personal development: learning, connecting and creating. By offering a confidential, judgment-free environment, coaching can help you shift perspective and develop the skills needed to make lasting progress.

Just as every impact entrepreneur is unique, so is every coach. My philosophy draws from my own entrepreneurial background, the Laser Coaching methodology and mindfulness practice to help impact leaders optimize their success.

Personal and business sustainability: Leading a sustainable business requires a professional and personal shift. But often, entrepreneurs lack a safe place for working through their roadblocks. Coaching enables you to explore your business challenges in a trusting, direct environment, and cultivate your own sustainability through mindfulness practice. The importance of cultivating sustainability in both one’s work and personal life is the foundation of my coaching philosophy.

Mindfulness and resilience: Mindfulness is proven to help us improve focus, reduce stress in hectic environments and cultivate an attitude of kindness toward the world—all essential to achieving success as an impact entrepreneur. People who have a meditation or mindfulness practice are more resilient physically and emotionally. By incorporating mindfulness techniques into my coaching, I help impact entrepreneurs tap into the power of presence and unlock their hidden potential.

Self-reliance and self-confidence: Solutions prescribed by others can help you make gains in the short-term. But lasting progress only comes when you can uncover these solutions for yourself. Coaching is designed to help entrepreneurs develop their innate skills, which can lead to a variety of benefits ranging from enhanced problem-solving to boosted self-confidence. In one study, 80% of people who received coaching reported feeling more confident—a transformation I also see in my clients.

Rather than wait for New Year’s to explore your goals and challenges, why not make the end of the year a time for your own self-care? By making the decision to start coaching now, you will position yourself to enter 2018 with a keen sense of perspective and presence. These are essential tools for all you’ll have to contend with as a leader, and a human, in the coming year.

Make the decision to transform today through Carrie’s executive coaching. Schedule your free 15-minute consultation now.