My 12 Favorite Podcasts: Resilience, Impact, Mindfulness, Food Systems, Entrepreneurship and Beyond

I’m often asked what podcasts I’m listening to; those same people often ask me when I find the time to listen, given my commitments to clients and projects. I sometimes even amaze myself at how much content I’m able to enjoy during a given day, week or month! Here are a few places where I’m sure to be tuning in: on a walk, on a drive (I live in Los Angeles, remember), waiting in line, eating a meal by myself and even, I dare say, getting myself back to sleep in the middle of the night on the rare nights I have trouble sleeping.

Here are 12 of the podcasts that engaged, informed and expanded my horizons in 2018. I’d love to swap lists with you; let me know if any of your favorites should make it on my list for 2019.

  1. The Rich Roll PodcastThis is my favorite of 2018. Rich’s long-form conversations are fascinating explorations into all the facets of his guests minds and lives. He goes deep and long. He shows us his own emotional self, too. He talks a lot about plant-based athleticism and lifestyle, and he’s very convincing, whether he’s discussing those topics or debunks myths about the necessity of animal proteins for humans. Rich is provocative, thoughtful, tender and fierce — and he speaks from personal experience.

  2. 10% Happier: Dan Harris is the fidgety skeptic who’s working hard to make meditation more appealing to men and anyone else who finds themselves recoiling at the idea that meditation might be worth a try. I love his wide-ranging interviews and his accessible format. It’s legit!

  3. Dr.’s FarmacyI love Mark Hyman’s wide-ranging, systemic approach to functional medicine, health and the essential relationship of food to our wellbeing. He’s speaking my language.

  4. The Model Health Show: I love Sean’s personal story and his victory over crippling disease. It’s beyond powerful. He brings that same vigor to his research and his thoughtful conversations with guests. He is a walking health encyclopedia, and he keeps it real!

  5. Climate One: I’m an unapologetic believer that people are causing the climate to change, though I’m not in the business of changing people’s minds using that logic. That’s why I love Greg Dalton’s coverage of a wide range of perspectives on the why’s, how’s, and what to do’s about the changing climate — from psychology to policy to sociology and beyond. His fascinating conversations with guests from all walks help me think about how to do my own work in the field more effectively.

  6. Take Out with Ashley and Robyn: Robyn O’Brien is a heroine to me. She is the Erin Brockovich of food systems. I’m hanging on Robyn and Ashley’s every word as they sleuth out what’s really going on in food systems from policy, medical, behavioral and personal perspectives. What they’re teaching us will sometimes make your stomach turn, and will always inspire you to action.

  7. GreenBiz 350: Joel Makower continues to be the most important voice in sustainable business. His written words have been inspiring me for over two decades. I love hearing him and his team explore pressing questions in sustainable business and keeping us in the know on what’s new and what’s next.

  8. ImpactAlpha: David Bank and Imogen Rose Smith spar cheekily on this short and sweet podcast that highlights the key topics driving and shaping the impact investing industry. They are deep in the know, and their opposing perspectives are just what listeners need to be informed without being overly seduced. I never miss an episode.

  9. How I Built This: If Guy Roz’s charming radio voice isn’t enough to draw you in, you’ll stay for the tales from the entrepreneurial sensations he interviews. And not because they’re today’s entrepreneurial rock stars, but because they all had to start somewhere — and the trials and tribulations and troughs are REAL. This is just the encouragement we all need along the entrepreneurial path.

  10. Design Matters: Debbie Millman is hands-down the most thorough biographical researcher in the podcast business today. I’m always amazed by how she takes her interviewees by surprise by digging up a really obscure fact about them. I’m a wannabe designer/creative/artist, and the closest I can get is to bring a design thinking lens to my work. My inspiration came from the words of Bill McDonough who asks us to think about our “design intention.” Debbie’s guests expose me to a world that I don’t intersect with in my day to day, so the conversations serve to widen my own aperture of perspective.

  11. Good Life Project: Jonathan Fields continues to inspire me with his thoughtful examination of The Good Life with a wide-ranging guest list and his gentle approach to exploring deep grooves in people’s life experience. And he writes great books, too.

  12. On Being: “Oh, Krista. Where to begin. You are helping us explore what it means to be human through a kaleidoscopic lens of poetry, religion, spirituality, anthropology…” — and on and on and on. I can’t get enough. In fact, I encourage people to listen to the unedited, long-form versions of her conversations. You will thank me.

And as a bonus, check out GOLD, a podcast my friend Jeannette Schneider just launched following the publication of her new book LORE, which is available in most places where books are sold.